Self-defence classes to be taught in Camden schools as part of council pilot

The classes will be taught to both boys and girls

Self–defence classes are to be trialled in Camden’s schools in an attempt to promote physical activity and deter violence against women and girls.

The pilot forms part of the council’s wider aim to improve the health of children and young people, as well as address violence against women and girls in both the “public and private realm”.

The Town Hall said the goal is to “boost general confidence that will enable young people to navigate spaces confidently”.

It hopes the project will “help deter perpetrators from attempting any form of violence or abuse”.

Self–defence classes will be taught to girls and boys in both single sex and mixed schools.

All schools are required to follow the national curriculum for PE, but this does not currently include self-defence lessons.

Providing self-defence classes is at the discretion of individual schools.

The council said it is “keen to fill the gap where central government has decided self-defence should not be part of the national curriculum”.

At a cabinet meeting this week, councillors agreed to explore the feasibility of the initiative, as well as funding options.

The proposal was introduced by Cllr Nasrine Djemai, who was appointed as cabinet adviser on reducing violence and abuse for women and girls in the 2023/24 municipal year.

Her other suggestions have included public education campaigns on the different forms of harassment and creating a council switchboard number for domestic abuse.

Councillors also agreed to explore these options further.

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